New Year Website/Internet Marketing Resolution

This new year, be sure to keep your website a main part of your advertising. As you are probably aware, more and more people are using the internet to conduct research for the products and services they need. At the start of each year, businesses forecast for the year ahead and allocate resources for advertising expenses. Make sure that the “Internet Marketing” area has sufficient funds so your business can see the effects that others have seen by advertising on the internet.

We would also recommend looking through Google’s array of services that may benefit your company. Google Docs is a word document program similar to Microsoft Word. One of the huge benefits is that you can make it available for others to access that same document and edit it on the net. This eliminates sending the most up-to-date file between editors. You can also edit that document anywhere there is a computer with an internet connection. Google Maps also is a great feature to have on your website so viewers can find your place of business.

Another area to keep in mind is to make sure that your website is search engine friendly. We have helped many clients be found in the search engines and make sure the website content is crawlable for the search engine spiders. Many companies have a large ROI when their websites, services and search engine results are combined correctly.

Go though your current website and think about a redesign. Many times, a new year is coupled with new offers and your website should reflect those offers. A redesigned website can have a large impact on your conversion rates, which in turn boosts your ROI. Additional functionality, cleaning up navigation and additional pages can all have a positive effect on how a customer views your business and how the search engines crawl your website content.

As always, if you have any questions about how a website can benefit your business, please let us know! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Have a great and safe New Year!


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