What is the process for having a website done by Midwest Web Design?

1.) Get in touch with us via phone or email

The first step of the process is to get in touch with us when you have some time.

2.) Set up an appointment

We will set up an appointment with you to discuss your goals for your website in more detail.

3.) Goals for the website

Our staff will go over goals that are important for you and your website and discuss many options available including:

  • Budget constraints
  • A professional, custom, look and feel for your website
  • Custom website programming
  • Domain name registration
  • Hosting
  • Navigation on the website
  • Website structure
  • Email setup
  • Search engine optimization

4.) Decide to move forward

When all the necessary topics are covered, if it makes sense, both parties move forward and your professional website design will start to be built.

5.) Start the project

Midwest Web Design Inc will talk with you to figure out the look and feel of your professional web design and give you some samples of what your website will look like.

6.) Get information from client

After the look and feel is complete, the client will give us the necessary information (text, pictures, etc) for the website to be completed.

7.) Wrap up the website project

After all the pages are built and loose ends tied up, the project will be complete. It’s that simple.

Get a great website!Get a professional website!
Have our team come up with a great custom website for your business or organization! Countless satisfied clients!

Get a great website!Increase traffic from the search engines with SEO! Customers are searching for services you have to offer. Help them find you!

Get a great website!Fast, reliable hosting solution! Tired of page timeouts from your old hosting company? Step on board for great, reliable service!

"Very comfortable to work with. We feel that Pete went out of his way to get our project completed.

You guys are very good at what you do. You get projects done quickly and accurately.

Working with Midwest Web Design has been great! One less thing we need to worry about being a small business owner."
- Brent H., Pilates MN

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"My experience has been great! Working with Midwest Web Design was easy because they were easy to get a hold of and they were fast with the work I requested. They are also very easy to talk and that makes a big difference."
- Katie S., SVL, Inc.

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