Internet Marketing 2024

Marketing your business in 2024 will more than likely have a spot for online expenditure. Marketing your business on the internet is one of the most effective forms of advertising that is available. Making sure that your internet marketing campaign is correctly implemented can be quite a task if you are not familiar with all of the options available. If you are not ready to take the plunge yourself, it will be to your benefit to seek out the help of a company that can set the campaign up correctly and have it working at optimal performance.

Easy first steps

In order to make sure your website is structured properly for the search engines, we recommend brainstorming all of the content and pages that you will be using for your website. This will enable you to get a birds-eye view of how your website will be structured. After the brainstorming is complete, group sections and pages together so the website is structured so a user can easily find relevant information to them. This is also known as a sitemap. The sitemap plays a key role in not only search engine optimization, but more importantly, in online conversions.

Create content

Next step is to create and put together content for the pages on your sitemap. We recommend that you have sections on each page for:

  • Title tag
  • Description tag
  • H1 tag

These tags help the search engine spider figure out what the page is about and help increase relevance for the search engine user. We also recommend writing articles about what your company has been up to, answers to common questions, etc. This is good for longer keyword phrases in the search engines as well as users who are looking for answers to questions on your website.

Test pay per click ads

We recommend setting aside a budget for a few months of pay per click ads. This can give you an idea what kind of money you may want to invest in the website later on. The ability to test how your website performs in front of interested searchers can give you valuable insight in budgeting for future earnings and search engine optimization.

Online video

If you have access to a video camera and some editing software, we also recommend giving online video a try. The search engines are always looking for users who have “value added” and online video is one of the ways this is accomplished. Make the video look as professional as you can, read online articles about good lighting, posture and how to edit video to save costs for you, as video can be extremely expensive.

Focus on important areas of your business

In rough times like these, it is important to focus on your customers. It is key to focus on money making activities and customer retention. Sometimes it is best to let a professional web design company handle the website, while you focus on your business. It may just help you keep customers and make more money which should be priority #1. Growing your business should also be an area of focus. The internet offers MANY opportunities for scooping up new clients and showing them how you are different and why they should go with your business. Focus on these two areas, client retention and growth, and you will see your business grow.


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"My experience has been great! Working with Midwest Web Design was easy because they were easy to get a hold of and they were fast with the work I requested. They are also very easy to talk and that makes a big difference."
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